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  1. You’re such an amazing teacher Pete.! Actually English is my third language! and I’m dying to get to this point understanding other’s conversation and just tryiN to speak it at a normal level to get a job, you know after these all classes and courses I’v taken till now, honestly speaking I can say that you are perfect. I’ll come to Australia in two months and I wish I ‘d known you earlier.

    1. Hey mate! You’re way too kind 🙂 Thanks so much. It’s an absolute pleasure to help you with your English. Where are you going to move to in Australia? Melbourne, Sydney?


      1. well I’m planning to go to Brisbane , I’m in love with the weather. but it’s all up to my career you know, I’ll go anywhere to get a good job. anyway thanks for being a huge help 🙂

          1. I’m a junior web developer , well I know it would be a better choice to move to greater cities , but I wanna give it a shot.