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Walking With Pete

AE 439 – Vlog: Burgers & Beer in Canberra | Australian Food & Culture

Learn Australian English and about Australian food and culture in this vlog episode of Aussie English where Kel and I head to Brod Burgers to grab some burgers & beer for lunch!

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AE 439 – Vlog: Burgers and Beer in Canberra | Australian Food and Culture

Oh! Burger’s. Glassworks. Burgers first. Okay, so here we are Brod Burger’s, guys. Massive selection of burgers on the wall and I think I’ve acquired my target, the Piri Piri. Oh, I love chicken burgers.

I might have to grab a beer as well to wash it down and those Hog beers look pretty good so let’s try those. Oh, man, you had to check out this little tip jar. It was so cute. Although, I don’t think it was edible.

So, I was an idiot and forgot to record myself getting ready to eat this burger. So, instead, I took a photo of it, guys. $16.50 for the Piri Piri Burger, the chicken burger, $3 bucks for the chips as well. So, almost $20 for that. And the steak burger that Kel got was $18 bucks. So, looks incredibly expensive, but this is the kind of price you’re going to pay in Australia for this kind of food. Junk food in Australia, especially takeaway junk food, is not cheap. And beer wise, I didn’t take note of how much the beers cost, but they’re usually, for a study like this, a glass bottle, they’ll usually be about $7 or $8 dollars each, usually. Especially, if they’re craft beers. And, I just grabbed two beers. These are Feral Brewing Company beers. So, they’re really good ones. Local here in Australia. The Smoked Porter. So, quite a dark one there. Got that to try. And the Hop Hog as well. So, I think that’s an IPA and I wanted to give that one to go too.

I’m not usually one for sweets, but straight after the burger we saw these interesting looking desserts of some kind, I’d never seen them, like cronuts* or something like that. So, Kel twisted my arm and we decided to grab one of these things and give it a whirl.

Every time we go somewhere the girlfriend wants to eat something sweet. Yeah, I’m totally full of shit. It was totally my idea.

That’s pretty intense. Man, bring on the diabetes. Holy moly! Oh, geez! It’s pretty brutal.

So, I’m still not 100 percent sure what this thing was, although, it was obviously some kind of pastry that had been made like a doughnut with chocolate sauce on top, and then I think it had custard or some kind of chocolate creme on the inside. So, yeah, sugar, sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

Oh my gosh! That was incredibly rich, but very good. Oh my gosh. Rich!

Alright, guys, we just had burgers and we decided to come down to the Canberra Glassworks, which was right next to the burger place, in fact they joined, and have a bit of a sticky beak, have a poke around and see what it’s like. So, let’s go inside and have a look inside the actual hot room and engine room, see what it’s all about.

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AE 438 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone – Part 2

Learn Australian English in this vlog episode of the Aussie English Podcast where I go for a walk with my furry mate Leo (he destroyed my phone) and grab a cup of coffee whilst showing you a bit of Australia!

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AE 438 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone – Part 2

G’day, guys! Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. I am your host Pete and I am here to help you level up your Australian English or just English in general.

So, this is part two of a two-part series, guys. If you haven’t seen the first part, click the card above should be there, or there, or there.

So, in today’s episode, I am heading to get coffee. I’m taking my mate Leo for a bit of a walk. Seeing what we find along the way and teaching you guys English as well as showing you Australia whilst I do so.

So, sit back relax grab a cuppa and let’s enjoy this episode of watching me get a cuppa… cup of coffee. Let’s go.

Your body and your mind. One, two, three. Bounce.

Calm your farm, mate. This guy wants coffee nearly as badly as I do. Canberra bus stop, guys, cutest bus stops in Australia, and that’s a cockatoo.

We’re getting closer, guys. Coffee! Oh, man, this is so awesome, guys. This is so awesome. I have never seen this in Australia before.

So, I’ve seen signs with kangaroos, with koalas, with wombats, with deer, with camels, all sorts of signs, but I have never seen one with ducks on it.

That is amazing. And it’s because there is a big, big, big pond behind us over here where I imagine there are a lot of ducks with ducklings crossing the road here. That’s crazy.

Mohawk pigeon. Check out his little mohawk! He’s so epic. Well, on second thoughts the jumper was definitely overkill.

It is very warm now that we’ve been walking around for about half an hour filming and coming to this beautiful little…I guess, dam, lake? It’s tiny. It can’t be a lake. But look at that, guys. It’s lovely.

Well, apparently, we can’t swim, but I guess you’re right. Look at that! So, unfair.

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That was a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, guys, and yes, it does sound like it’s dying when its making its call. Let’s have another listen, but this time I’ll slow it down.

It sounds like what I would imagine T-Rex to sound like. Dr. Grant? Oh, man! Jurassic Park was such a bad-arse film.

Spiders! Let’s see if I can line this up for you, guys. These are spiders that… they grab at like a leaf out of a tree or off the ground and then they string it up in their web, they wrap it up, sew it together, and then they sit in it as if they’re not there whilst in their web. So, it’s like camouflage. Pretty cool. And then as soon as any unsuspecting insect falls into the web, bam!, they pounce.

Finally, coffee time! You pumped? You excited? How’s it going, dude? Can I please just grab a large… Cap? …Cappuccino. Yeah, that’s it. Sugar? Nah, all good. Thanks though. $4. No worries, mate. Just on card thanks. Cheers. So, missed the busy part, huh? Yes, although, we were really busy yesterday, not so busy today. Yeah. Does this guy need to wait outside? Nah, he’s alright. Hello puppy. Have you just had a haircut? He’s a bit of a pest. Alright, you’ve got to not poo inside or we get chucked out.

Leo! Leo! Are you excited for coffee, mate? That’s us, Leo. Where is it? Where is it? That’s us! Leo! Leo! That’s us right here, mate!

I found something pretty cool that I want to show you guys. Can you see it? It’s a black swan. So, in Australia we don’t have white swans as people in America or… I think, Canada, or is it just Europe? But normally white swans are European thing.

And here… Oh! Damn dog! Here we have black swans, beautiful black swans, and this guy definitely wants to go and say hello.

So, I reckon these guys are usually fed here, ’cause they do not seem to be that afraid of me. Let’s check out this behemoth. This huge swan. Look at him. Hello. See how close we can get without him raging up or running away. What a beautiful, beautiful little guy. Not phased. Doesn’t care. Let’s see if we can sneak a little bit closer. Wow! Oh, and you’ve got a friend. Amazing. Hello!

Oh my God. This is incredible, guys. I’m right at the water’s edge and I would imagine that these guys are being fed here, although, this guy’s feeding himself. But this one, look at this! I could literally reach out and touch him. Absolutely beautiful.

And these ducks as well. He’s thinking, “There’s no food here!”. Back up. Back up. Any food?

Could you make some more noise, mate? Could you make some more noise? What are you doing? What’s your issue? Jesus! Separation anxiety or something, huh? I was like five metres away. Calm your farm, mate. Calm your farm.

So, this has been my birthday, chilling out with these guys in the background, and this pest.

Tough guy. Very tough. Look at you! You should just hide behind this rock mate. They are not afraid of you. So, tough.

Right, so, obviously the jumper was a bad idea, and I have to tie it around my neck. So, that I can free my hands up and walk the dog, not drop the screen or the camera for another time. But I thought of an expression to teach you guys and it makes sense right now.

So, we were walking pretty close to the road here and I don’t trust this little guy. He’s a bit… He just runs everywhere without thinking.

So, I’ve kept him on a short leash, right? So, as opposed to ‘a long leash’, the leash is very short. This’s an expression that you can use in English when a… I guess, someone in charge of someone else keeps a close eye on them or keeps them under control, they keep the person on a short leash. Okay?

So, it could be literal if you have a leash on… Well, probably not a person. That’d be weird. It could be literal using it on the dog, but it could also be figurative where you’re controlling someone, keeping an eye on them, you’re keeping them under control, you’re keeping them on a short leash.

I have to show you this trick. This is how I get him in, okay? So, I put this on unlock, and then I… Got you now, mate! And I’ll let you go.

So, I’ve a feeling that all the streets around here are named after things or lines in Banjo Patterson’s, Waltzing Matilda. Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong. Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong.

So, if you haven’t got poem out or that song out, definitely check it out. The best part about walking the dog is not the actual walk. It’s the result of the walk.

Alright, guys. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you learned a heap of new vocab. And yeah, it’s a shame about the camera screen, but sometimes shit happens and you’ve got to crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.

Anyway, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button, guys. Make sure that you smash that bell icon as well so that you stay up to date with all the future videos coming out, and make sure that you comment below and let me know, when’s your birthday? What month?

That’s all from me today, guys. I hope you have a splendid day and I’ll tell you soon. See ya!

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AE 437 – Can We Talk About Aussie English?

Learn Australian English in this Walking With Pete episode of the Aussie English Podcast where I have a chat to you about the future plants for the Aussie English Podcast website.

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AE 437 – Can We Talk About Aussie English?

Hey, guys! What’s going on? Welcome to this episode of Walking with Pete! It’s been a little while that I… I guess, I’ve been focusing on a bunch of the vlogs recently, and they are, more or less, me walking around doing Walking with Pete, in quotation marks there, Walking with Pete episodes.

Man, now, so I’ve just come outside. I wanted to chat to you, guys, about Aussie English, the future of Aussie English, some ideas that I’ve got. I’m in Canberra right now walking up a hill near where I live watching the sunset, and guys… it is phenomenal. It is phenomenal.

So, it’s been raining today and it’s actually quite cold, and it’s just started spitting right now, but the sun is going down. If I can describe to you what I’m seeing.

So, I’m on this hill and it’s like a grassy hill. There’s one tree at the top of this hill that’s beautiful, really big gum tree, pretty old, and there’s suburbia within a few hundred metres of me around all sides, right? But I’m in the middle of a grass field, and I’m looking at the sunset over these mountains, and it’s raining on these mountains, and the beams of light are passing through the rain and hitting these mountains, and it just looks amazing, because there are probably three or four series of mountains, and each one of them gradually gets lighter and lighter. The closer to me you get the darker they are, but it looks phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal, except for the rain.

Anyway, sorry about all the noise in the background if you can hear that, ’cause there’s a festival on at the moment that I just realised is obviously playing over the hill, probably about two kilometres away, but man it’s loud. I can hear… I can almost hear the lyrics from here being said.

And now, I have just walked under a playground, little playground sort of cover overhead. There’s like a canvas above me and it’s… there’s drips coming down in the middle, but it’s covered at least. It’s sort of protected from the rain that’s coming down.

So, yeah, I thought I would come out go for a walk and chat to you, guys.

So, where am I at recently with Aussie English? It’s been going really well, guys, it’s been growing slowly. The Aussie English Classroom‘s doing really well. It’s getting bigger and bigger each each month, you know? It’s not growing as quickly as I would like it, but nonetheless, I can’t complain. It’s doing well, and I’m very appreciative to all the people who are in there and enjoying the content, who are constantly giving me feedback, and, yeah, just I hope it’s really really helping them to upgrade their English. That’s the main idea, right?

So… But I’m still sort of finding my feet there. I’m still trying to work out what the best combination is with regards to lessons, you know? It seems like some of you really like videos, some of you really like MP3s, like audio exercises, some of you really like written exercises. So, it’s been really funny trying to get this balance right where I hit or I tick all of the boxes. So, that is like I get everything that everyone wants into the Classroom.

So, that’s been fun. That’s been growing, but it’s been a lot of work. It’s been a lot of work.

And, what else has been happening? Obviously, too, I’ve been working on the YouTube channel as much as possible, trying to grow that as well, and that’s steadily starting to grow now.

So, you guys might have noticed, originally, I was kind of fluffing about, you know? ‘Fluffing about’, meaning like… not being lazy, in this case, but kind of trying a lot of different things and not really persevering with any one thing. So, I was kind of… I would upload a video about grammar, then I would try something else, then I would do a Walking with Pete episode, and you guys weren’t really responding that well to it, or at least all the subscribers weren’t really watching many of these videos on the YouTube channel.

But recently, it seems that the vlog episodes have really struck a chord with you, guys. Where I go out and I show you my life, I go on little adventures, I video them, I talk to you about different things, give your expressions, and you get to see me interact with people, whether I’m ordering coffee or fish and chips or I’m just talking to my girlfriend Kel or hanging out with my mates, and I think you guys really, really enjoy that. So, I’m going to keep doing that and hopefully the YouTube channel will keep growing.

And that’s been good. That’s been growing a little bit since I put ads on the YouTube channels. So, it’s a few hundred dollars a month now from the ads, and that all goes towards, obviously, being able to make more and more content for you.

But it’s starting to get a bit overwhelming, and that’s why I’ve come to sort of make this episode today. It’s been getting a little crazy because it’s just so much work, right? So, I put up the expression episode each week and I turn into a course for the Aussie English Classroom. And so, I normally start that on about Wednesday or Thursday, and that’s like a few days worth of full-time work where I write it, I research it, I record it, I edit the recording, I find the other materials online that I want to use, you know, to give you access to other pop culture references or videos online on YouTube, to show you other Australians doing other cool things. And then, I have to transcribe it. So, that’s the main thing here today I want to talk about.

I have to transcribe these episodes and get the writing there for you guys, so that you can read these episodes, because I feel like it’s very important for you to have access to the… what’s being said, I guess, the written transcript, so that you can listen and you can be sure that the words you’re hearing what you’re also reading, you know? So, that that you can sort of really, really work on your listening comprehension there.

The trouble is that it takes a lot of work, especially, with the vlog episodes and all the other episodes. I’m trying to put out as much quality content as possible, but I’m realising more and more and more… I’m just sneaking underneath a little cubby here so that I get out of the rain. I’m realising more and more and more that I’m only one person and there’s only so much I can do.

So, where am I going with this? Effectively, what I want to do in the future is rearrange a few things with Aussie English. So, I think we are up to episode now 436 was the last one that I published before recording this Walking with Pete episode. So, this should be 437. And what I’m thinking about doing, guys, is having the transcripts a paid membership for the podcast website.

And I know you’re probably going to freak out, because up until now you’ve had them all for free. And it won’t be that expensive, I’m thinking maybe 5 to 10 dollars a month to have access to all of the transcripts for every single episode.

But the reason that I want to do this, and the reason I feel like I need to do this, is because I’m going to have to hire someone else to do the transcribing for me, because it is just taking me too much time during the week and it’s just really wearing me out. And I’ve realised that the YouTube channel is bringing in money, the Aussie English Classroom is bringing in money, but the podcast website itself isn’t bringing in any revenue at all, and that’s why I know that I’m constantly berating you, guys, I’m constantly asking for donations through Patreon, because originally I thought, “Ok, if I can just get 1% of you guys to donate a few dollars a month that should cover the cost of these transcripts”, so that I can hire someone else to do it, so that I can do more for you, guys, but the trouble is very very very few people have signed up to donate.

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So, that tells me that the majority of you, guys, obviously, using all of this content for free, especially obviously, if you’re not in the Aussie English Classroom, which is good, I mean it it’s probably what I would do. It’s been free this whole time and I’ve definitely encouraged you guys to take advantage of that fact. But, that shows me I think that I’m just giving away way too much for free. Too much of the content that I’m creating I’m not getting paid for, in one way or another, right?

So, it’s been difficult, because I’ve always wanted to keep this free, but I realise that, in order to keep doing this and in order to keep sort of enjoying myself and not being stressed out, not looking at every single episode as a bigger and bigger mountain that I’m, you know, not getting paid what I feel like I should be, you know, to be blunt. I feel like I need to get a little bit more than what I’m currently making to make this… to make it justifiable, all of this effort.

Anyway, that’s where my mind currently is at the moment. I’m not bringing that in overnight. I wanted to talk to you guys about this. I want to hear what you think. I want you to reply to me, whether you send me an e-mail or a message on Facebook, and I want you to tell me what you think. Is this fair? You know, if I charge you the equivalent of 50 cents an episode or a dollar an episode to get access to the podcast website so that you can read these transcripts and download them and work on them, do you think that’s fair? Taking… taking in mind, obviously, the fact that I want to use that money to hire someone else, to pay someone else, to do the transcripts for me so that I’m freer to do other things like create the episodes themselves.

So, that’s what I’m thinking at the moment, guys. I really want to get your feedback, I want to know what I think. I wanna know what you value. And, as always, if you… if you have suggestions, if you have feedback, please, please, please feel free to give it to me. I don’t mind if it’s critical, just be, you know, open and honest about it. And, yeah… I think that’s about everything that I wanted to say today.

So, I’m constantly trying to work out how to improve the podcast, how to better serve you guys, and how to keep upping the quality so that you guys enjoy yourselves more and can learn English even faster.

So, that’s the basic idea. Please let me know what you think, guys, and I will see you in the next episode. Thanks! See you guys!

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AE 435 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone!

Learn Australian English in this vlog episode of The Aussie English Podcast where I head to the shops to get coffee with my dog mate Leo and show you how he destroyed my phone!

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AE 435 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone!

G’day, guys, and welcome to this episode of Aussie English. I am Pete your host and this is another vlog episode where you will get to learn a bit of English.

So, in today’s episode, guys, I take this little guy, Leo, for a bit of a walk, and I go and grab some coffee, and I will also show you how Leo ended up smashing my iPhone screen. You naughty little boy.

It is my birthday today, so let me know, have you got a birthday in April as well? Comment below. And don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button, guys, and the bell notification if you want to stay up to date with every video that I release. Please do it. Please! Thanks, mate. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Alright, guys, morning! Today, I thought I would take the dog for a walk. This is Leo who I live with. Thought I would take him for a walk to the shops as I go and get some coffee. But he had been a naughty little boy, today and last night. Okay?

So, I’ve locked him outside. So, who’s the cheeky little boy who woke us up last night at 3 AM and puked on the floor in our bedroom. Yes, yes, that was you! You naughty, naughty boy.

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Time to let the prisoner back inside. Come on you pest. What are you doing? What are you doing? You getting into trouble? Have you been naughty. You look a little shameful.

Come here! What is this? What is this? What is this? He was your mate. What is this? You’ve torn him up. Hey? There’s guts everywhere on the ground here. You bit into his arse. Look at this! What is this? You bit his butt and you’ve opened it up, and now you’re just pulling the stuffing out. No shame! No shame!

Alright so, going for a walk. Trying to find a reason each day to get out of the house and be active. Try and do my 10,000 steps. I’ve decided to take this little guy for a walk and I’m just hoping that he doesn’t poop on the way.

So, I have this little bag. In Australia, it is very poor form, very bad form, to let your dog poo when you walking him and leave the poo on the ground.

So, you tend to have some kind of bag like this, usually, that you can buy at Safeway or Coles or Woolworths… Mate, 50 meters! 50 meters from the house! And then it’s like nothing happened. Like nothing happened. I can’t believe this shit! God damn it! God damn it! The shame! Where am I going to put this, mate? We just left the house. I’m going to have to go back and put it in the trash. I don’t want to carry it with me all the way to the cafe. Far out! Can’t believe this.

Alright, so hand in the bag, and then… That’s so unpleasant. That is so unpleasant. So, doing the right thing. Now we’re going back. Now we’re going back. I’ve got to find bin. I do not want to carry this with me all the way to the cafe and back. It’s always my luck, always my luck.

Come on! come on, you little rascal. He obviously feels a lot lighter now that he’s dropped off the package for the day. Come on! Stop sniffing around. Let’s go! Get to the bin.

Man, guys, get a load of these curtains. Are they pretty or what? Look at these are lace curtains and every window in this house. Beautiful. Good, good, not a poo. Alright, we’re okay with that.

You’ve got to check out… there’s probably about five or six people over here at the bus stop all being social. Every single one of them has headphones and their phone out like this, just staring at it. What have we become, guys? We’re animals. I guess, I can’t really talk. I’m walking up the street, but at least I’m talking to the phone, right? I’m talking. I’m being social.

What is this? Jesus! This must be like the biggest bread pin, or whatever this is, that I’ve ever seen. It’s huge. Look at that, mate. That’s like the same size as your head.

Alright, the tracksuit may not have been the best idea now that I’m walking and starting to warm up. It’s getting pretty hot. Something interesting that I noticed once coming to Canberra, guys, is these rock gardens on the nature strip, or on the front of houses. I’ve never seen them as, I guess, prominently used everywhere until I came here where the front of people’s houses seem to have these rock gardens everywhere.

I’m assuming it’s because it’s so dry around here and we’re so drought-prone that it’s a lot more of a pain in the butt to be… kind to take care of a lawn.

What was I saying? Because I think it’s too much of a pain to be trying to take care of a lawn, because the lawn ends up looking like this when it’s dry. Look at all that grass, guys. Beautiful grass. Pretty high. Lush, beautiful, green. This is grass lawns in Australia right here.

More rock gardens. Aren’t they beautiful, guys. Look at those stones. Lush! So, you could just spied this Australia’s best letterbox… and the dog decided to pull on the lead at that exact moment and I have shattered my phone screen. Good job, Pete. Well done! That’s a first for me. That’s a first. Far out! These vlogs, they’re dangerous, guys, they’re dangerous.

Look at this monstrosity. You see that, guys? Look at that chandelier. What on earth is that? Far out!

Oh, man! Two Aussie slang terms for you, guys. What is this? This is a ute. What is this? This is a Barbie.

I just saw something really cool, okay? So, I’m a bit of a biology nerd, as you may know, and I love gum trees, right? So, these are two different species of gum trees, but when gum trees are young, like this little one, they have really round leaves right. So, these leaves are incredibly round, but when they become adults, they get leaves like… where are we? Up here. See these really sharp leaves. So, I’ll see if I can find some. So, they end up looking like this. They end up looking sharp. So, baby, adult. Pretty cool.

You’ve got to be kidding me, mate! I don’t have a bag! God! Now, I just feel like a dick. How much have you got inside you dude? What did you eat? Did you eat a cow for breakfast or something. Come on! No shame. This guy has no shame.

Alright, so we were talking earlier about dick moves, guys. So, that’s why you should probably bring two bags with you. There is no way that I’m picking up his most recent deposit and putting that in my pocket. So, nature, you’ll just have to take one for the team. Sorry about that, guys. Poor form.

Yes, because I don’t trust this little guy enough to cross the road by himself. Too much energy today. How’s the Serenity, guys. How’s the serenity?

Alright, guys, so that is part one of what is going to be a two part vlog series. It ended up being about 20 minutes. So, it was a bit too long. I want to keep these short and sweet so that you can get through them really quickly.

Anyway, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, guys, and the bell icon so that you can stay up to date with the notifications for when the second part comes out. And in the meantime, make sure that you comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode and what other kinds of things you would like me to vlog on in the future.

Anyway, guys, I will see you in part 2 shortly, in maybe a week or so. All the best.

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AE 430 – Vlog: Is Canberra the Worst Australian City?

Learn everyday Australian English in this vlog episode of Aussie English where I give you might thoughts on Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Is it the worst Australian city?

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AE 430 – Vlog: Is Canberra the Worst Australian City?

What has my view of Canberra been so far? So, this is actually pretty rare for there to be clouds, strangely enough. I was expecting Canberra to always be overcast. Canberra kind of has this reputation for being cold in Australia. So, I assumed that meant it was always overcast, lots of rain and just cold temperatures, but it’s actually been really hot. I mean, not you know not 30, 40 degrees, but every single day has been mid 20s and as soon as you walk outside and the sun hits you, because usually there are no clouds, you heat up really quickly, and the sun burns. So, Canberra is actually out about seven 700 meters elevation and I’m used to living at about zero, right at the sea level, and so you’re actually closer to the sun, higher up in the atmosphere. So, I don’t know if it has something to do with it. And the reason that Canberra is cold, even though it’s elevated, I guess, that’s part of the reason, but it’s in sort of a basin shape of mountains. So, there’s sort of a circular thing of mountains that go up higher, you might be able to see them here behind me, right over there. That set of mountains kind of rings the whole way around Canberra, you know? And so, that prevents a lot of their movement.

It traps the cold air that occurs here overnight, and that’s why Canberra apparently gets really cold in the evenings. So, hasn’t been too bad, though, to be honest, I’ve been actually quite warm at night time and I have had to actually open the window quite a bit and let the air in, and only sort of three or four in the morning do I start getting cold close the window and put my blankets on. So, Canberra, climate wise, is better than I expected. But at the same time, it’s almost too sunny. I kind of enjoy days like this where, right now, it’s about 12 p.m. It’s lunchtime and I come out and go walking, but usually, at least more recently, these clouds haven’t been here and it’s just been just brutal sunlight coming down and there no shade and, you know, kind of worried about getting sunburnt and everything. I put sunscreen on today, but yeah… So, that’s been fun.

Another interesting fact I guess about Canberra is the fact that on weekends the place empties out, you go into the city on the weekend and there’s just no one there. It’s really bizarre. I guess, because Canberra are sort of fly in, fly out location, and I’m just looking at the kangaroo tracks on the ground here. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see, but you can see these tracks on the ground here on this dirt road, where the kangaroos have obviously come up from down here and they go up into this field, and then we keep seeing them up here at night eating the grass.

So, during the day the kangaroos, while it’s really, really sunny, will actually be sitting under these trees in the shade just chilling out and they tend to be more active in the mornings when the sun’s not yet all the way up, and then in the evenings when the sun’s come down quite a bit, and that’s when you’ll see them out in the fields here, just eating grass. And the crazy thing is, you know, we live about a kilometre that way, currently, if these trees weren’t here, you’d be able to see the house that we’re staying in.

So, anyway, back to Canberra. What was I saying? What was I saying? Losing my track (train*) of thought. Anyway, yeah, so, it’s cold, it’s not too bad, but the sun is really bright, the city’s emptied out on the weekends, which is nice. When you cruise around, it’s not really busy. Like, Melbourne, on weekends, seems to be as busy as it is during the week. There seems to be no real difference. And so, I was sort of expecting that, but that does not happen because everyone flies in, they work here in Parliament, usually in the government, and then on weekends they go home. They fly in, they go home, they fly in, they go home. That tends to be the pattern.

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So, it hasn’t been too bad. The only downside, I guess, for me is that it is not close to the beach. It’s about two and a half hours drive to get to the beach, two hours? Two and a half hours? The vegetation type, if I want to be really picky… this is all artificial forest, that’s pine. These aren’t native. These’ve been planted here as a pine farm, I guess, and they’ll chop them down for wood at some point. And most of the surroundings tend to be pretty barren, tend to be pretty bare. Like, this behind me here. There is no real trees in this field. It’s just low grass, and it’s very dry out here. It’s not very wet.

When we went to Bateman’s Bay recently, you can actually see as you drive through the landscape, we drove through the forests and the farms and everything, you can see the gradual change from really sort of… I guess sort of arid-ish, it’s not really desert or anything like that, but dry country land, and the closer to the coast you get the wetter it gets, and I think too the Great Dividing Range is there. So, we go but that. There’s a lot of rainfall, a lot of water, and that’s the kind of country that I really like in Australia. I really love the wet forests, a lot of rain, I love the beach, and so… yeah, I might just turn around here and start heading back.

So, that’s my opinion of Canberra so far. It’s not too bad. Another thing that I noticed, the birds are the same species here. So, we have things like currawongs, crows here, we have the magpie, the black and white magpie, I’m not sure if you can see them, see if I can point it out. There’s one over here in the grass. There’s a few of them. There’s three or four of them over here hunting for food. But one thing that I did notice, and I don’t know if this is because I’m a bit of a biology nerd, they have different calls here which is, you know, it’s unsurprising and the magpies are a different subspecies of Magpie here, they have… again, they’re nowhere near close enough for me to show you, but the magpies in this part of Australia have this black over their back, where down south in Victoria they have a white patch there. So, you can see them and they tend to be… just to have a slightly different patterning. But they have different calls. The crows have a different call. The currawongs have a different call. The magpies definitely have different calls. And so, I guess it’s like anything with languages, right? They have different languages, different languages. So, just something that I noticed when listening out and hearing these birds call in the mornings and during the day and in the afternoon. I know what birds they are, but they have different calls from the ones that I’m used to down south.

So, that’s probably long enough, guys? We’ve been chatting here for about 22 and half minutes.

Oh, one more funny thing to tell you. So, there’re these… these bushes everywhere, right? This is blackberries, these are blackberries, these are blackberry bushes, I don’t know if there’s any fruit that I can show you, but they’re an introduced pest. So, you can probably see down here, they kind of go all the way down the back here. They’re really, really spiky. Let’s see if you can see this. So, this is some right here that’s been… that’s dyed off, I don’t know it’s been sprayed or not, but you can see those spikes. So, they’re really nasty, and these things were introduced when the British got here. I mean, I assume probably 100 or so years after the British got here, but they were introduced as a food source for people who wanted to go hiking. So, I’m just trying to find… and, you know, they’re called blackberries for obvious reasons. They have these beautiful berries on them that are black, that are really tasty. And Quel and I were walking along here and we saw this big thicket of these blackberries and I was like, “Oh my God! Yes! Food”, and picked a whole bunch and ate it, only to walk out and see a sign saying that they’ve been poisoned and don’t eat it. So, fortunately, though, there had been a lot of rain recently, and I’ll give you look down here. And so, I think the poison and everything like that was washed well and truly off the berries themselves. So, nothing happened. We’re all good, we’re all good.

I think… I think I can see some here. Let’s see if I can come down and show you what some of these berries look like. But, again, they’ve been… yeah they’ve all been poisoned and died off. Anyway, so, more blackberries here in the bushes, but they’re another introduced pest species that some, you know, colonialist British idiot brought into Australia thinking he is doing everyone a favour by putting this noxious weed along tracks like this so that people could just pick and eat it, but now you see these weeds everywhere in Australia and they are a big issue, and you’ll see also over here all of these plants are a pest species. There’re all weeds.

Anyway, yeah… so, oh! And I can give you a good look at this. This is why it’s a big problem, right? This is why it’s a big problem. You’ll see behind me, this is just or dense blackberry bushes. So, you can’t even walk through there, because there’s about two metres high of these blackberry bushes that are so prickly and horrible to get near that, you know, and all of this grey stuff here is dead blackberry bushes.

Anyway, guys, I hope you enjoy this sort of Walking with Pete episode where I just got to chill out with you, go for a walk and give you a sort of review of Canberra in our experience here so far. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the future. And yeah, thanks for joining me and I will chat you, guys, soon.

Peace out!

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AE 419: High Fat Breakfasts & Minimalism

Learn Australian English in this episode of the Aussie English where I take you through my daily routine of eating a high fat breakfast, set up my work station, and my interest in minimalism.

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AE 419: High-fat Breakfasts & Minimalism

Morning, guys! (I) thought I would show you or give you a little window into what I do for breakfast. So, I guess, first and foremost, I wake up in the morning and I use this little puppy, this is a coffee machine, an espresso machine, to make myself a view for coffee using all the espresso gear here. I’m a bit of a coffee snob you could say.

And then, beyond that, when I start having food in the morning, I really like to have low carb, high fat foods. So, at the moment, what I’ve got here is I’ve got some cauliflower and some carrot that I’ve grated up. So, grated this up using a greater. I use this to make it very fine sort of like a little rice, a little bit of rice. Really small pieces. They’re easy to cook. Very quick to cook. I fry that up here. And here, I have some bacon, and I’ve cooked that in coconut oil. (I) absolutely love coconut oil. So, many uses for that stuff. So, I thought I would give you a little look. I also like to use Himalayan salt. This is pink salt from the Himalayas. It’s got a lot of minerals in it. A lot of, you know, good natural stuff in it for you as opposed to just using iodine salt. The standard white stuff. And then, I guess, on top of that I put cheese. I put some cheese on top of that too.

So, I have to remember too, not to put sauce on, because yesterday, I put some of this sauce on it thinking, “Oh, yeah, it’s not that bad”, but in the mornings, I want to have high fat, high protein, lots of veggies, but really low carbs. I don’t want to have many, many carbs. So, things like rice and red, sugars, and sauces like this. When I turned it around and realised what I’d done, it’s actually almost 60 % sugar. 57 grams of sugar for every hundred grams of sauce. I’m an idiot. That was a massive face palm.

So, why do I do this? I guess, I should tell you. The point of having high fat, high protein in the morning is that your glucose levels have dropped overnight, which is your sugars, the carbs that cause glucose to go up in your blood. Your brain obviously uses this for energy. But your brain can use fat for energy as well. These are called ketones. Okay. And if you have fat and glucose at the same time, your body will choose to use glucose over the fat, your insulin levels will rise as a result of the glucose in order for your body to be able to use that glucose, and insulin, when insulin is high, it causes your body to store any fat that you’ve consumed as fat on your body. Okay. And so, that is why having a high fat meal is really good as long as the carbs are low so that the insulin doesn’t go up and cause you to store that fat, because now, with my high fat breakfast, there’s no carbs, there’s no glucose, there’s nothing else for my body to use except for the fat in this meal. So, I thought I would give you a bit of an insight there, guys, tell you a little bit about what I do for my meals in the morning.

I normally have high fat, high protein. I normally fast. So, I’ll wait until about 11 or 12, then I’ll eat breakfast at 11 or 12, and then maybe at four I’ll have some snacks. You know, I might have some nuts, some berries. I might have a little bit of dark chocolate. And then, after that, in the evening, is when I will have things like bread. Okay. That’s when I’ll have high carb, low fat. So, I switch it over, because then in the evening my glucose will go up, my insulin will go up, and I don’t want to have high fat, because the fat will be stored on my body. So, there you go, guys. A little bit about my diet and how my meals are organised during the day, and obviously, I have a lot of coffee during the day as well. You know, normally two or three of those.

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(Have) you guys come to steal my food. You guys going to hold me up, (and) take my food, huh? (A) little bit hot. That’s what I’m talking about, guys. That is what I’m talking about. Who doesn’t like cheese?

I should probably show you, guys, the set up currently, and I’ll tell you my little secret addiction right now. So, okay, I’m having my little lunch here and you can see that, as is usual with me, everything is very well organised. I have put everything in its proper place. That’s a total lie. I’ve just put everything on the table here, but this is where I am set up. This is my workstation at the moment, where I work.

So, I’ve got the lunch here, got a Pepsi Max, as usual, my computer here, and my little addiction, at the moment, I don’t know if you can see this, I’ll see if I can show you, are these tiny houses videos, where people get little tours of these tiny houses. So, I’m really getting into that at the moment, and I think Quel’s starting to get sick of it, but I have a real, real interest in these people who change their lives up, they sell what they have, they’re really minimalistic. They don’t have a lot of possessions, and they buy incredibly small houses. Usually, they’ll actually make these houses themselves.

So, I’m really starting to get into this minimalism stuff and cherishing the few things that you have and making the most of a lot less. Okay. So, I’d love to know what you guys think about that sort of movement in today’s culture, right? It seems like a lot of people are starting to get over, they’re starting to lose interest in, having a lot of stuff and having a lot of things. People are starting to push back against this and sell everything they have, or at least all of the excess stuff that they have, and start cherishing a lot fewer things, you know, a lot fewer things.

So, yeah, I thought I would give you a little tour here. This is my daily office, right? I kind of chill out here. I have my food and my drink. Sometimes I sit on the couch here and put my computer on this chair. (I’m) staying here whilst my friends are away, and I am taking care of their dogs who tend to do this sort of funny stuff. This is Jack right here. He’s the one who was sitting with me the other day in the podcast. He seems to love pushing these cushions… he pushes the cushions off the couch and then puts his head under the cushions whilst sitting in front of the light here coming through directly into his eyes. So, he is a very funny and quirky dog. And the other dog that I have here is Elly, and she is a lot more calm, chilled out, and relaxed. She just chills out under my workbench here all day as I am working away.

So, there you go, guys. This is sort of a little window into my daily life. I hope you like this video. Let me know again what you think down below in a comment and I’ll try and make more like these in the future if you enjoy them. So, peace out, guys.

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AE 416 – Walking With Pete: How I’m Learning Portuguese

Learning Australian English on the Aussie English Podcast in this episode of Walking With Pete where I talk about how I’m learning Portuguese.

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AE 416: Walking with Pete: How I’m Learning Portuguese

Sorry Jack. You’re not coming with. Next time, next time.

What is going on?

G’day guys! What’s going on. Though I would do a bit of an impromptu little walking video using my little funny selfie stick, and today I want to speak in Portuguese, a little bit, or at least about learning Portuguese. Então hoje, eu quero falar um pouco de português com vocês. So, what have I been doing, recently? What have I been working on with my languages, recently?

I have to admit I have let French go a little bit. Désolé tous mes amis. Sorry, all my friends. I have let French go and I’ve been focusing a lot on Portuguese, and I’ve been trying something a little bit different this time where instead of using books, instead of listening to a lot of material, which I know that I tell you guys to do, and that I do recommend you do, for the last month or so, I’ve just been chatting to Quel and only speaking in Portuguese, and obviously listening to her. But I wanted to see what kind of effect that would have on my abilities when speaking. There’s a V8 coming, so you’re going to hear this really loud car go past.

Bit of a hoon. So, I’m going to cross the road here, keep chatting to you, but I’m going to cross over and go up this median strip. Cross the road here, then…

Alright. So, what have I been doing chatting to Quel, and what’s my sort of goal been, and what have the results so far? Interestingly, the fluency’s really picked up. I can understand maybe 80 percent of what she says, 85 percent. I have to ask quite a bit about what words are. So, I’ve gotten really good at one phrase which is, “O que você quer dizer?”, which is like, “What do you mean?” or, “Você pode repetir mais devagar?”, “Can you please repeat slowly?”. And another phrase that I’ve noticed that I’ve become instinctual (at saying), you know, I can say this really fast now without thinking is, “Como eu posso dizer…?”, which means, “How do I say…?”, and then, I say the word in English.

So, it’s been really interesting, because I’ve learnt a lot of these phrases now come really quickly, and although, I’ve noticed with this that I haven’t really expanded my vocabulary a great deal, I do learn the odd word here and there every time I’m like, “Quel, como eu posso dizer isso em português de novo?”, “How can I say this in Portuguese again?”, and I do find myself saying or asking all the time, “How do I say this again? How do I say this again? How do I see this again?”, but the thing that has really paid off is all the simple verbs, all the common verbs, all the really common words, come really fast now.

So, now I can say things like, “Hoje… O que você quer fazer, hoje? Hoje… O que você quer fazer, hoje?”. “What do you want to do today? What do you want to do today?” Or… what are some other ones? Like, “Eu acho que…”. “I think that…”. “Eu não acho que…”. “I don’t think that.” Like, I learn all these phrases and they just come really quickly now when I’m speaking without me having to think.

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So, I guess, the point that I’m trying to get across here is I found that just speaking has been really really helpful with solidifying the base of my Portuguese. I can’t really talk about really complicated things, because my vocabulary is still very minimal, but I find now that I can have these really fluent conversations, really rapidly, really quickly, and I can understand what she says like that, because I’ve been practicing speaking constantly about all these simple things.

So, using verbs like to want, to do, to go, to come, and just constantly practicing them. Especially too, because every time we’re talking it’s day to day life. We’re talking about going to the shops. We’re talking about going for a walk. We’re talking about what we’re going to have for dinner. And it’s in real life. I get to point at things, ask, “How do you say this again? What is this thing? What is that thing?”. So, I’m finding it amazing to have a girlfriend who speaks Portuguese, with whom I can learn Portuguese. So, you know, I know that not everyone has that luxury with whatever language they’re learning, but I guess, if you have access to English speakers, this is definitely a really good thing to do.

You know? Any time we do get into trouble, any time I don’t understand, we do flick back to English, but I’m finding it really, really helpful. Really, really helpful. It’s advanced me really quickly. I’m at least with simple conversations.

What else was I going to say? Aside from that… Aside from that… There was another point that I was going to make, but it’s totally slipped from my mind.

Oh okay! Now I remember. The other thing that I really want to get across to you guys and talk to guys about is making jokes and not taking yourself seriously. So, I keep making up words. I keep playing around with words. I keep making jokes. I keep laughing at myself when I say stupid things, when I make mistakes, and Quel laughs as well, and it makes the learning process so much more fun and so much more memorable. So, now any time that, I guess, I make a joke about something or I say something incorrect or something that means something totally different and maybe inappropriate in Portuguese. Like, I think I used the word “Rapariga”, which in Portuguese from Portugal means “Girl”, but apparently in Brazilian Portuguese it means like “Slut”. So, it’s a nasty word for a girl, but I didn’t know this, and she just started laughing and was like, “Don’t call me that.”, but that’s something now, as a result of having made that mistake, I will never forget. I will never forget. And another one that I have said to you guys a few times in other places like “Excitado”, which means in English at least I thought “Excited”, “Excitado”, “Excited”, but in Portuguese it means “Horny”, like “sexually excited”.

So, those kinds of things, I make that mistake once, someone tends to pick up on it, and then tell me, and it solidifies it. So, that’s why I love learning in this environment at the moment with Quel, at least, with my girlfriend, because it’s a safe environment to do so, and I don’t take myself seriously. I’m okay making mistakes. I don’t mind looking like an idiot, and I find that that way of learning reall,y really helps. It really solidifies that in my mind, because I can keep looking back on these jokes that I’ve made with the person I’m speaking (with). So, I guess the point here is that when you’re practising your languages, especially with friends, people you know, that you have a good relationship with, don’t be afraid of making mistakes ,  don’t be afraid of looking like an idiot, don’t be afraid of the laughing. And I guess too, just always be laughing, always be smiling. Especially in Australia, if you’re learning Australian English, if you’re hanging out with Aussies, very few of us take ourselves that seriously, guys. And those who do take themselves really really seriously are the kinds of people you probably don’t want to hang out with anyway. So, don’t be afraid of getting some egg on your face, having some egg on your face, and getting a little embarrassed, but laughing. Have a laugh, guys!

So, that’s it for today. Hopefully, you like these videos. Let me know what you think in our comment, guys. Make sure that you like it. Make sure that you share it. It helps the channel grow. If you’re not listening to The Aussie English Podcast already, and you’re living Down Under, and you’re trying to learn Australian English, guys, what are you doing? Okay, get on the Aussie English Podcast. You can find it on any good app on your phone, listen anywhere, anytime, and upgrade your English.

And I will show you Canberra in the background here. This is Canberra. So, this is where I am at the moment, and it is sunny like this every single day at the moment, every single day. So, with that guys, thanks for listening, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you say. Peace out, guys!

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