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Episode List

Learn Australia English with The Aussie English Podcast. Here’s the podcast episode list.

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Episode List:


AE 431: The 3 Australian Accents – General, Cultivated, & Broad
AE 430 – Vlog: Is Canberra the Worst Australian City?
AE 429 – Expression: Right on the Money
AE 428 – Vlog: Old Geelong Cement Works & Informal English Conversations with James & Dave
AE 427 – Interview: Becoming a Karate World Champion & Traveling the World with Rhys Linnett
AE 426 – Expression: Spit the Dummy
AE 425 – Vlog: Greetings in English, Aussie Slang, Car Vocabulary, & Daily Life English
AE 424 – Vlog: Daily Life, Aussie Slang, Order Coffee in English
AE 423 – Expression: To Have a Chip on Your Shoulder
AE 422 – Interview: How to Sell a Car in Australia with James Buchan
AE 421 – Expression: Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
AE 420 – Interview: Bird & Bush Photography in Australia with Ian Smissen
AE 419: High Fat Breakfasts & Minimalism
AE 418 – Expression: To Stab Someone in the Back
AE 417 – Interview: Hipster Coffee, Craft Beers, & the Holden-Ford Rivalry in Australia with James Buchan
AE 416 – Walking With Pete: How I’m Learning Portuguese
AE 415: 6 x Aussie English Expressions Used in Episode AE 414
AE 414 – Expression: Have Egg On Your Face
AE 413: 4 x Awesome English Expressions Used in Episode AE 412
AE 412 – Interview: Life Working as a Brickie in Australia with Rhys Linnett
AE 411 – Expression: When Push Comes to Shove
AE 410: Looking on the Bright Side of Life – Walking with Pete
AE 409 – Expression: To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
AE 408 – Interview: Crocs, Muppet Pollies, & the Legend of Wildman with Damian Duffy
AE 407: Listen vs Hear, Awkward, Odd, Weird, or Strange, & More – Live Class
AE 406 – Expression: To Keep Someone Posted
AE 405 – Interview: Moving to France & Starting a Podcast on Paris with Oliver Gee
AE 404: Should Have/Would Have/Could Have, Past Tenses, & More – Live Class
AE 403 – Expression: To Have Buckley’s Chance
AE 402: If Clauses, Direct vs Indirect Speech, So vs Too, & More – Live Class
AE 401 – Interview: How to Buy a Car in Australia with James Buchan
AE 400 – Interview: Moving to Australia, Getting a Job, & Learning English from Scratch with Raquel Soares
AE 399 – Expression: Like A Stunned Mullet
AE 398 – Interview: On Celebrating Australia Day & Changing The Date with Ian Smissen
AE 397: Then vs Than, Past Tenses, & Spider Webs – Live Class
AE 396 – Expression: Over The Moon
AE 395: 401-500 Most Common Words – Australian Accent Pronunciation Exercise
AE 394: History of Australian English, Swearing, Slang, Contractions & More – Live Class
AE 393 – Interview: Rev Heads, Car Accidents, & Car Culture in Australia with James Buchan
AE 392: 301-400 Most Common Words – Australian Accent Pronunciation Exercise
AE 391 – Expression: A Blessing in Disguise
AE 390 – Grammar in Plain English: The Singular They
AE 389 – Facebook Live: IELTs, Must vs Have To, Australian Pronunciation & More
AE 388 – Interview: Scottish Accents, Favourite Movies, & More with Christian from Canguro English
AE 387: Why Adults Can Learn Languages Faster Than Children
AE 386 – Expression: To Cut Someone Some Slack
AE 385 – Interview: Catching Snakes to Earn a Crust, with Stuart Mckenzie
AE 384 – Expression: To Blow The Whistle On Someone
AE 383: How To Quickly Improve Your Vocab & Pronunciation
AE 382: Aussie English 2017 Recap & Plans For 2018


AE 381 – Expression: To Hit The Nail On The Head
AE 380: How To Improve Your Australian Accent With Candice Moll – Part 2
AE 379 – Expression: To Have A Few Roos Loose In The Top Paddock
AE 378: How To Instantly Have Better English Conversations
Phrasal Verbs With TO – Effortless Phrasal Verb Course
AE 377: How to improve your Australian accent with Candice Moll – Part 1
AE 376 – Expression: To Roll With The Punches
Phrasal Verbs With WITH – Effortless Phrasal Verbs Course
AE 375 – Expression: To Throw Your Hat Into The Ring
AE 374 – Live Class: Ask Pete Anything
AE 373 – Expression: To Take The Piss
AE 372: 15 Common English Abbreviations
Phrasal Verbs With OUT – Effortless Phrasal Verbs Course
AE 371 – Expression: To Be On For Young And Old
Phrasal Verbs With THROUGH – Effortless Phrasal Verbs Course
AE 370 – Expression: Not Worth A Zack
AE 369: 201-300 Most Common Words – Australian Accent Pronunciation Exercise
Phrasal Verbs With OFF – Effortless Phrasal Verbs Course
AE 368 – Expression: A Silver Bullet
AE 367: 101-200 Most Common Words – Australian Accent Pronunciation Exercise
Phrasal Verbs With Up – Effortless Phrasal Verbs
AE 366: 1-100 Most Common Words – Australian Accent Pronunciation Exercise
Phrasal Verbs With Over – Effortless Phrasal Verbs
AE 365 – WWP: What Do Language Learning & Fishing Have In Common?
Phrasal Verbs With In / Into / In To / In On – Effortless Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs With On / Onto / Upon – Effortless Phrasal Verbs
AE 364 – Expression: Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks
AE 363 – WWP Story Time: That Time I Caught A Deadly Snake
AE 362 – Live Class: Aussie Slang & Ask Me Anything
AE 361 – Guest Episode: Top 10 Mistakes Spanish Speakers Learning English Make – With Canguro English
AE 360 – Expression: For All Hell To Break Loose
AE 359 – Live Class: Ask Me Anything + Future AE Classroom Plans
AE 358 – WWP – Story Time: Was This The Worst Date Ever?
AE 357 – Interview With Nikki: An Iranian Sheila Down Under
AE 356 – Expression: To Cut Corners
AE 355 – Interview: 3 Aussies Talk About Gay Marriage In Australia
EPV 07: For
AE 354 – Expression: Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other
EPV 06: Down
AE 354 – Interview With Mariana: A Brazilian Sheila Down Under
EPV 05: By
EPV 04: Back
AE 353 – Expression: As Fit As A Fiddle
AE 352 – Interview with Natalia: A Chilean Sheila Down Under
AE 351: Expressions With ‘BUST’
EPV 03: Away
AE 349 – Interview with Berfi: A Turkish Sheila Down Under
EPV 02: Around / About
EPV 01: An Introduction To Phrasal Verbs
AE 348 – Expression: To Top/Cap It All Off
AE 347 – An Interview With Canguro English: An Aussie English Teacher In Spain
AE 346: How Can I Speak English Faster?
AE 345 – Expression: To Stick/Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb
AE 344 – Interview With English With Adriana: How To Speak English Confidently
AE 343 – Live Class: Hospitality Expressions
AE 342 – Live Class: Aussie Slang Words Ending With “O”
AE 341 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: The Linking R
AE 340: How To Memorise New Vocab. Use Anki!
AE 339 – Expression: To Pull The Wool Over Someone’s Eyes
AE 338 – Interview: Lorena Tells Us How Go Study Australia Gives Students The Best Australian Experience!
AE 337 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: The Intrusive R
AE 336 – WWP: How To Learn A Language With Podcasts
AE 335 – Expression: To Let Someone Off The Hook
AE 334 – Aussie Culture: What’s The Typical Aussie Dish?
AE 333 – Live Class: How To Greet Someone Like A Native
AE 332 – WWP: In A Sunburned Country Book Review
AE 331: How To Improve Your English Fluency
AE 330: The 24 Australian English Consonants
AE 329: DON’T Memorise Phrasal Verbs
AE 328 – Expression: The Tip Of The Iceberg
AE 327 – Accent Aid: The Indian Accent
AE 326 – Live Class: Past Perfect vs Past Simple vs Past Perfect Continuous Tense
AE 325 – Dunno & Doesn’no: 5 Of 5 Pronunciation Connected Speech Tips
AE 324 – Gonna & Goin’a – 4 Of 5 Pronunciation & Connected Speech Tips
AE 323 – Aussie Culture: Australia Votes On Marriage Equality
AE 322: 5 Expressions To Sound Australian
AE 321 – Expression: To Make Ends Meet
AE 320 – Live Class: Present Perfect vs Simple Past Tense
AE 319 – WWP: It’s Better To Suck & Be Heard, Than To Not Be Heard At All
AE 318 – How Can I Improve My Pronunciation?
AE 317 – Wanna & Wansta: 3 of 5 Pronunciation & Connected Speech Tips
AE 316 – Needa & Needsta: 1 of 5 Pronunciation & Connected Speech Tips
AE 315 – Havta & Hasta: 1 of 5 Pronunciation & Connected Speech Tips
AE 314 – Expression: The Best Of Both Worlds
AE 313 – Pronunciation Of The 20 Australian English Vowels
AE 312 – Aussie Culture: What Does “Down Under” Mean?
AE 311 – What’s The Difference Between THAT & THIS?
AE 310 – Aussie Culture: What’s Australia’s Deadliest Animal?
AE 309 – Aussie Culture: Can I Use Slang At Work?
AE 308 – Q&A: Which Is The Hardest Accent To Understand?
AE 307 – Expression: To Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
AE 306 – Live Class: Australian Slang Terms Ending In -IE/Y
AE 305 – Aussie Culture: What beer do you drink down under?
AE 304 – Aussie Culture: Why do Australians eat kangaroos?
AE 303 – Expression: To Judge A Book By Its Cover
AE 302 – How Can I Practice Speaking Alone?
AE 301 – While vs Whilst
AE 300 – Live Class: Ask Me Anything!
AE 299 – Expression: To Cross That Bridge When You Come To It
AE 298 – Live Class: 10+ Common Aussie English Expressions
AE 297- Expression: To Be Barking Up The Wrong Tree
AE 296 – Live Class: 40+ Aussie Slang Terms & Expressions
AE 295 – Expression: As Luck Would Have It
AE 294 – Live Class: Phrasal Verbs With OVER
AE 293 – Live Class: 11 Commonly Used Cow Idioms
AE 292 – Live Class: 15 Idioms Commonly Used In Australia
AE 291 – Expression: To Face The Music
AE 290 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: -ING = -IN’
AE 289 – Expression: To Go Walkabout
AE 288 – Live Class: 10 Cat Idioms
AE 287 – Live Class: Em & Pete Talk Aussie Slang
AE 286 – Live Class: Phrasal Verbs With ON & OFF
AE 285 – Live Class: Phrasal Verbs With IN & OUT
AE 284 – 5 Expressions To Sound More Australian
AE 283 – Expression: To Have Your Mind In The Gutter
AE 282 – WWP: Walking Home After Too Many Pancakes…
AE 281 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: The Muted T
AE 280 – WWP: Future Plans For AE. What Do You Think?
AE 279 – Expression: To Hook Up
AE 278 – Expression: To Set Up Shop
AE 277 – Expression: Under The Weather
AE 276.3  AEVB: Wildman Listen & Repeat Exercise
AE 276.2 – AEVB: Wildman Episode Vocab Breakdown
AE 276.1 – AEVB: Wildman Talks About Being Crocwise
AE 275 – Expression: To Cost An Arm And A Leg
AE 274 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian – /ɑ/
AE 273 – Expression: To Take The Bull By The Horns
AE 272 – Pronouncing OUGH: Through, Tough, Thorough, Thought, Though
AE 271 – Expression: Straight / Right Off The Bat
AE 270 – A Behind The Scenes Look At The Aussie English Supporter Pack
AE 269 – 30 Aussie Slang Words Ending With ‘O’
AE 268 – How To Form Aussie Slang Words Ending With ‘O’
AE 267 – 11 Words To Mispronounce To Sound Like A Native
AE 266 – Expression: To Scrape (The Bottom Of) The Barrel
AE 265 – AEVB: Burnouts & Fruitloop Neighbours
AE 264 – Interview: Laura Interviews Pete From Aussie English
AE 263 – Expression: To Take Someone For A Ride
AE 262 – What’s the difference between COULD, CAN, WOULD, WILL, SHALL and SHOULD?
AE 261 – 12 More Aussie Slang Terms. Do I Use Them?
AE 260 – Expression: To Take Something With A Grain/Pinch Of Salt
AE 259 – Interview with Matt: Bogan Australians, slang, working as a geologist and making friends Down Under
AE 258 – Expression: To Be Left Holding The Bag

AE 257 – 16 Aussie Slang Terms. Do I Use Them?
AE 256 – Expression: To Be Up In Arms
15 Tongue Twisters To Help Improve Your Pronunciation
Interview: Anna defines and uses numerous Aussie slang terms
What are the flies really like in Australia?
How to move to Australia, study, find a job, make friends & learn Aussie English with Carlos & Julen
To Borrow vs To Lend
Expression: By The Skin Of Your Teeth
Aussie English Supporter Pack Update Feb 2017
Expression: To Have A Blast/To Be A Blast
Expression: To Be Running On Fumes
Pronouncing The States & Territories In An Aussie Accent
Pronouncing The Days Of The Week In An Aussie Accent
Pronouncing The Months In An Aussie Accent
Pronouncing AUSTRALIAN CITIES in an Aussie accent
WWP: Xmas Day Recap
WWP: Aussie English Subscription & 2017 Language Learning Challenge


Expression: To Have A Bitch/To Bitch
Interview With Lindsay Does Languages: British vs Aussie English
Pronunciation: Contracting WILL onto QUESTION WORDS
Pronunciation: Contracting WILL onto I, YOU, HE, SHE, WE, THEY & IT
WWP: Gum trees, Hollows & Bushfires
15 different ways to say A LOT OF
Traveling With Pete Ep03: Barwon Heads
Traveling With Pete Ep02: Ocean Grove
WWP: Internet Issues & Vocab Builder Videos
Expression: All Over The Shop
Why The Glasses?
Traveling With Pete E01: Point Lonsdale
WWP: My Language Learning Goals For 2017
Expression: To Have a Blast
WWP: Computer Issues & A Shout-out To My Folks
Expression: To come back & bite you (on the butt)
WWP: Ned Kelly & The Free Ebook & Audio Course
Announcement: FREE eBook & audio book course!
Like A Native: Nice one!/Good one!
Expression: To Tinker With Something
Richard Interview: Moving To Australia, Finding Farm Work, Getting Visas & More
How to eat Vegemite like an Australian!
WWP: Aussie English subscription ideas. What do you think?
WWP: Productivity, following your gut and primary school education
Pronunciation: Contracting HAS & HAVE onto QUESTION WORDS
Pronunciation: Contracting HAS onto NOUNS & INDEFINITE PRONOUNS
Pronunciation: Contracting HAS & HAVE onto THIS, THAT, THESE & THOSE
Pronunciation: Contracting HAS onto HE, SHE & IT
Pronunciation: Contracting HAVE onto I, YOU, WE & THEY
Walking With Pete: Plans for an Aussie English membership page
Australia’s Emu Wars
Using The Rain Radar
Like A Native: A fair call / Fair call!
Expression: To have a crack at something
Expression: To cotton on to something
Pronunciation: Contracting ARE onto nouns and question words
Pronunciation: Contracting ARE onto the words These, Those, Things, There
Pronunciation: You are, we are, they are = You’re, we’re, they’re
Pronunciation: Contracting IS onto nouns and indefinite pronouns
Pronunciation: Contracting IS – This is, That is = This’s, That’s
Pronunciation: Contracting IS – He is, She is, It is = He’s, She’s, It’s
Pronunciation: Contracting AM – I am = I’m
Embarrassing English Errors: Wonder & Wander
Like A Native: Expressive sounds: Wow!, Phew!, Oh!, etc.
Expression: (As) keen as mustard
Walking With Pete: Aussie English is now on Instagram!
The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining!
Walking With Pete: I need your advice!
Pronunciation: Could have = Could’ve – Could’ah
Pronunciation: Had have = Had’ve – Had’ah – ‘d’ve – ‘d’ah
Pronunciation: Should have = Should’ve – Should’ah
Embarrassing English Errors: Salary and Celery
Like A Native: Adjective + Enough for you?
Expression: Join the club / Welcome to the club
APA: How do I pronounce these sounds in words like orgaNIsation, constiTUent and aMUse?
Walking With Pete: Melbourne Weather
Pronunciation: Will not have = won’t have – won’t’ve – won’ah
TIL: Why Saber-toothed Cats Had Such Long Canine Teeth
Pronunciation: Had not have = Hadn’t have – Hadn’t’ve – Hadn’ah
Expression: To Scrape By
Expression: To Go Into Something
Expression: First In, Best Dressed
Expression: In A Nutshell
Walking With Pete: What’ve I Been Up To Recently?
Pronunciation: Should not have = Shouldn’t have – Shouldn’t’ve – Shouldn’ah
Pronunciation – Could Not Have = Couldn’t Have – Couldn’t’ve – Couldn’ah
Ask Pete Anything: Can You Explain The Slang Terms Used In The Aussie English Intro?
Expression: To Hit The Sack / Hay
Ask Pete Anything: How Do I Make More Aussie Friends?
Like A Native – Will Do!
Walking With Pete: Learn YOUR Most Common Phrases In The Language You’re Learning
TIL: The Cute & Cuddly Platypus Is Venomous
Walking With Pete: Ride It Into The Ground
Ep074: Expression – To Wait And See
Ep073: Pronunciation – Would not have = Wouldn’t have, Wouldn’t’ve, Wouldn’ah
Walking With Pete: Look For Reasons To Say Yes Instead Of Excuses To Say No
TIL: Men Used To Fight Kangaroos For Entertainment
Ask Pete Anything: Why Are Red Kangaroos So Ripped?
Survey Results
Ep072: Pronunciation – Used
Announcement: How can I improve Aussie English?
Why I Don’t Read From A Script
Ep071: Expression – To Be Up Shit Creek [Without A Paddle]
Ep070: Like A Native – Probs, Prolly, Probly = Probably
Embarrassing English Errors Ep17: Turd & Third
Embarrassing English Errors Ep16: Think & Sink
Ep069: Like A Native – Pete’s Place = Pete’s
Ep068: Expression – To Head + Direction
Learning Vocab
Walking With Pete: My Experiences With Dieting
AEVB Ep04: Tasmanian Lobsters
The Alphabet In An Aussie Accent
Interview: Phoebe tells us about cute native mice and sex-crazed marsupials
Ep067: Pronunciation – Would + Have = ‘d’ve
Ep066: Expression – Step by step, Piece by piece, Bit by bit, etc.
Walking With Pete: Breaking Things Down Into Manageable Parts
Embarrassing English Errors Ep15: Speak & Spick
Ep065: Pronunciation – Will + Have Contraction = ‘ll’ve
Ep064: Expression – The Whole *insert noun* Thing
Walking With Pete: My Guilty Pleasure… Pokémon Go
Embarrassing English Errors Ep14: Shit & Sheet
Ep063: Pronunciation – Whadawe & Whadathey
Ep062: Expression – To [Not] Give A Damn/Crap/Shit/Fuck
Walking With Pete: If You Want To Be A Lion Surround Yourself With Lions
Embarrassing English Errors Ep13: Ship & Sheep
Walking With Pete: Rabbits, Foxes & Unrealistic Language Learning Expectations
Embarrassing English Errors Ep12: Pepper & Paper
Embarrassing English Errors Ep11: Rice & Lice
Embarrassing English Errors Ep10: Eat & It
Walking With Pete: A Shout-Out To Français Authentique
Walking With Pete: Bilingual Talks, Career Choices, Teaching English, & More
Ep061: Pronunciation – What Do I & What Am I
Ep060: Expression – To Nail Something/It
Embarrassing English Errors Ep09: Fork & Fuck
Embarrassing English Errors Ep08: Cunt & Can’t
Embarrassing English Errors Ep07: Crap & Crab
Ep059: Pronunciation – What do you/What are you = Whadehya
Ep058: Expressions – To Laugh One’s Head Off & At Each Other’s Throats
Walking With Pete: Brexit, Aussie Politics & More
Embarrassing English Errors Ep06: Cock & Cook
Embarrassing English Errors Ep05: Cock & Coke
AEVB EP03: The Tasmania Floods
Embarrassing English Errors Ep04 – Bitch & Beach
Embarrassing English Errors Ep03 – Arse & Us
Embarrassing English Errors Ep02 – Ankle & Uncle
Ep057: Expression – To Be A Pain [In The Neck/Arse]
Embarrassing English Errors Ep01: Piece & Piss
Embarrassing English Errors
Aussie English Video Breakdowns Ep02: Chopper
Aussie English Video Breakdowns Ep01: Open Slather
Phrasal Verb 15 – To Bring Down
Phrasal Verb 14 – To Break Up (With)
Phrasal Verb 13 – To Break Out
Phrasal Verb 12 – To Break Out In
Phrasal Verb 11 – To Break In (2)
Ep056: Expression – To Be As Blind As A Bat
Ep055: Expression – To Go The Way Of The Dodo
Ask Pete Anything: Can You Teach Us Some Surfing Terms And Expressions?
Ask Pete Anything: What Are Some Common Aussie Names?
Ep054: Expression – Has A Cat Got Your Tongue?
Phrasal Verb 10 – To Break In/Into
Phrasal Verb 9 – To Break Down (3)
Phrasal Verb 8 – To Break Down (2)
Phrasal Verb 7 – To Break Down
Phrasal Verb 6 – To Blow Up
Phrasal Verb 5 – To Back Up
Walking With Pete: Aussie English Video Breakdowns
Aussie English Video Breakdowns: Ep01
Ask Pete Anything: Why Do You Add ‘Up’ After Some Verbs?
Ask Pete Anything: Can You Tell Me About Melbourne?
Ep053: Expression – To Kick The Dog
Ep052: Expression – An Elephant In The Room
Ep051: Expression – To Have Other/Bigger Fish To Fry
Ep050: Walking With Pete – Ask Pete Anything Idea
Ep049: Expression – To Hold Your Horses
Ep048: Expression – To Have Ants In One’s Pants
Ep047: Expression – To Pig Out (On Something)
Ep046: Expression – Like Water Off A Duck’s Back
Ep045: Expression – To Cut To The Chase
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep006 – What’s your favourite slang word or expression?
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep005 – What are Aussie stereotypes that are true?
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep004 – What are Aussie stereotypes that aren’t true?
Ep044: Expression – To Beat Around The Bush
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep003 – What do Aussies do in winter?
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep002 – What do Aussies do in summer?
Aussie Chin-wags: Ep001 – What is the real Australia?
Ep043: Expression – A Bitter Pill To Swallow
Interview: Pete & Shana Discuss – Dating
Ep042: Expressions – No Worries & No Wukkas
Bonus Phrasal Verb 4 – To Barrack For
Bonus Phrasal Verb 3 – To Bail On
Bonus Phrasal Verb 2 – To Bag Out
Bonus Phrasal Verb 1 – To Arc Up
Phrasal Verb 4 – To Back Up
Phrasal Verb 3 – To Ask Out
Phrasal Verb 2 – To Ask Around
Phrasal Verb 1 – To Add Up (To)
200+ Common Aussie English Phrasal Verbs eBook Announcement
Ep041: Expression – To Reckon
Ep040: Pronunciation Of Words Ending In Vowel Sounds Followed By Pronouns
Ep039: Pronunciation Of Words Ending In Consonant Sounds Followed By Pronouns
Ep038: Walking With Pete – The Ups And Downs Of Language Learning
Ep037: Interview – John’s Australia
Ep036: AFL Team Names And Their Pronunciation
Ep035: Pronunciation Did + You = Jah
Ep034: Expression – Flat Out Like A Lizard Drinking
Ep033: Pronunciation Aboriginal Animal Names
Ep032: Pronunciation of Australian capital cities
Ep031: Pronunciation of Australian states and territories
Shit That Will Kill You Down Under – Crocs – Part 4 of 4
Shit That Will Kill You Down Under – Crocs – Part 3 of 4
Shit That Will Kill You Down Under – Crocs – Part 2 of 4
Shit That Will Kill You Down Under – Crocs – Part 1 of 4
Ep030: Pronunciation of “It’s”, “‘t’s” and “s’”
Ep029: Walking With Pete – Easter Holidays
Ep028: Expression – A chug, to chug, to chug along
Ep027: Aussie Slang Words For Men & Women
Ep026: Aussie Slang “Bloody” – Different Ways To Say “To Be Broken”
Ep025: Aussie Expressions For Saying “To Steal”
Ep024: Aussie Slang Terms “Ripper” & “Beauty”
Announcement Episode – Manuscripts and Aussie English Book Idea
Ep023: Aussie English Interview With John – Calling Someone An Idiot
Ep022: Polite Ways To Call Someone An “Idiot”.
Ep021: Walking with Pete – A little chat about language learning and the difficulties we all face.
Ep020: Pronunciation – Needa/Godda/Havda – Expression – Like A Stunned Mullet
Ep019: Aussie Expressions When Hearing Bad News
Ep018: Aussie Expressions To Use When Hearing Good Or Bad News
Ep017: Aussie Pronunciation – Goin’ de vs Gonna – Expression – As Mad As A Cut Snake
Ep016: Expression – What Gives?
Ep015: Aussie Pronunciation Of “Got You”
Ep014: Expression “Far Out”
Ep013: Expression “To Play By Ear”
Ep012: Aussie Pronunciation Of “To Give” + Pronouns
Ep011: Break Down – Paul Hogan Ad 1984
Ep010 – Expression – “It’s no skin off my nose”
Ep009: Aussie English Interview With Marcus
Mic Test
Ep008: Aussie English Interview with Tamara
Ep007: Slang Word “Barbie”
Ep006: Slang Word “Arvo”
Ep005: An Introduction To Australian Slang Words
Ep004: Aussie Pronunciation of Goin’ detha beach (Going to the beach)
Ep003: Introductions part 3
Ep002: Introductions part 2
Ep001: Introductions part 1
Ep000: Introduction to The Aussie English Podcast
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